Interviews - 08/08/2023
Stewart Desson on “Embracing the Paradox”
All Individual Development

Lumina Learning CEO and Founder Dr Stewart Desson embraces the complexity of people’s personalities to help companies improve performance. In an interview with Insigniam Quarterly magazine, he discusses how Lumina Learning’s novel approach to psychometric testing embraces the complexity of people. By doing so, it helps individuals, teams, and organisations improve performance and drive remarkable

Interviews - 07/10/2020
Rebecca Bales – Status Symbols

Interviews - 05/10/2020
Heather Cunningham – Viktor Frankl’s Quote

Interviews - 05/10/2020
Rebecca Bales – The Power of the Pause

Interviews - 05/10/2020
Rebecca Bales – Your Uniqueness

Interviews - 05/10/2020
Rebecca Bales – Humanity Video

Interviews - 05/10/2020
Rebecca Bales – Getting Out of Your Own Way

Interviews - 05/10/2020
Heather Cunningham – Self-awareness

Self-awareness is one of the most important aspects of high performance professional teamwork. You need to be self-aware in order to help the colleagues you work with maximize your skills and talents.