Choosing Your Lumina Account – Essentials vs Premium

Which Account Option is best for you? We are where business psychology meets technology, and when it comes to innovative psychometrics, we have changed the game.   We set ourselves apart from the competition with three simple but effective principles underpinning every product we offer.   1. Smart data, Simple Language 2. We value different

The Big Challenge: helping organisations adapt to a new (virtual) world

Helping organisations adapt to a new (virtual) world

Did COVID-19 change who we are? Our Research Continues

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the context in which we live and work. The big question is – has this fundamentally changed who we are?

5 Key Factors to ensure success with Lumina Leader 360

5 Key Factors to ensure success with Lumina Leader 360

Selling the Lumina Way

How do we sell in today’s world?

The Leadership Gap – The Difference Between Intended Communication and Actual Impact

The Difference Between Intended Communication and Actual Impact – Leadership 101

A Manager’s Guide to Having Difficult Conversations at Work

Having Difficult Conversations at Work

5 Classic Workplace Conflicts and How to Deal with Them

What can you do when conflict is simply unavoidable? Missing a deadline and having to face a manager, for example. Or disagreeing on a mission critical detail of a key project. It might be that person who fills the office with the smell of tuna every lunchtime.

Conflict Resolution Between a Manager and an Employee

Managing workplace conflict is tricky when the power dynamics are unequal. Perhaps things have gotten so bad that each party sees the other as the ‘enemy’? That’s dangerous thinking.

Workplace Bullying: How to Spot it & Steps to Stop it

Workplace bullying persists throughout the world, damaging productivity, profit, and our real bottom line – people. We’ve been undertaking some research with our clients.

Bullying at Work: How can we tackle it if we don’t know what causes it?

Bullying can come in all shapes and forms, and can be caused by all personality traits when triggered to be dysfunctional. These findings mean that it can be hard to identify bullying or predict when it’s going to happen.

Your Teams Need Conflict to Succeed – the Key is How Leaders Handle it

Your teams need conflict to succeed – the key is how leaders handle it. It’s actually a component of—and integral to—effective organisational development and the success of a healthy team.

How to Reduce Workplace Conflict with a Personality Assessment

Everyone’s personalities are unique and therefore we all have different and ways of working. Sometimes those differences can cause friction and misunderstandings. They can impact the bottom line.

Dr Stewart Desson On What Makes Lumina Spark Different

Dr Stewart Desson discusses what makes Lumina Spark different amongst other personality tools in this recent interview with household Korean media outlet, Maeil Business Times.

6 Sales Tips for Early Career Talent

Business is relational! Seasoned sales managers share top tips on how to succeed in sales when you’re at an early stage of your sales career.